freedom from command and control pdf

Freedom from command and control pdf

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Freedom from Command and Control

Command and Control

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Freedom from Command and Control

A command economy is where a central government makes all economic decisions. Either the government or a collective owns the land and the means of production. You can identify a modern, centrally planned economy by the following five characteristics:. A command economy has a few advantages, although they come with a few important disadvantages as well. An entire society can be transformed to conform to the government's vision, from nationalizing companies to placing workers in new jobs after a governmental skill assessment. Rapid change can completely ignore society's needs, forcing the development of a black market and other coping strategies. Innovation is discouraged and leaders are rewarded for following orders rather than taking risks.

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Command and Control

There is a better way to design and manage work - a better way to make work work - but it remains unknown to the vast majority of managers. An adherent of the Toyota Production System, John Seddon explains how traditional top-down decision making within service organizations leads to managers who are detached from employees and remote from operations. He demonstrates that decision-making based on purpose-related measures such as putting customers first and improving services can help managers reconnect with operations, see waste, and exploit opportunities for improvement. Through extensive case material, he differentiates between command and control and systems thinking and illustrates how the latter leads to improved service, revenues, and staff morale. He also posits that the service industry is fundamentally different from manufacturing, and shows how Toyota production principles must be transformed for application in service organizations. All Rights Reserved. We began our journey by marketing traditional technical and management books.

Ministers; we shouldn't hold our breath. This article is based on extracts from '​Freedom from. Command and Control: a better way to make the.

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