difference between content and process theories of motivation pdf

Difference between content and process theories of motivation pdf

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What is the difference between content and process theory?

Difference Between Content Theory and Process Theory

What Is the Difference Between the Content and Process Theories of Motivation?

Content Models of Motivation

Motivation is generally understood as the drive or the desire to do things.

Both these theories are linked with motivation. This article attempts to explain both the theories and compares both inorder to identify the difference between content theory and process theory. It outlines the reasons for motivating an individual; that means it explains the necessities and requirements that are essential to motivate a person. If one individual could pursue one level of needs of the hierarchy, then he tries to pursue the next level of needs and it is believed that individual fulfill their needs according to the hierarchical order.

What is the difference between content and process theory?

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There are two main types of motivation theory: content and process. Content models of motivation focus on what people need in their lives i. Though people have been interested in the idea of motivation for a long time, the first real models of human motivation that people still regularly refer to originated in the s and s. Since then, many different models and frameworks of motivation have been published. These models fall into two main types of models: content models and process models.

Content Vs. Process Theories The study of motivation has created two major theoretical bodies of knowledge applicable to the design of employee or channel partner motivation programs: Content Theories and Process Theories. These theories have many applications for incentive program planners. Content Theories Content theories focus on the factors within a person that energize, direct, sustain and stop behavior. They look at the specific needs that motivate people. Content theorists include Abraham Maslow, Clayton P.

Difference Between Content Theory and Process Theory

We can distinguish between content and process motivation theories. Content theories are the earliest theories of motivation. Within the work environment they have had the greatest impact on management practice and policy, whilst within academic circles they are the least accepted. Content theories are also called needs theories: they try to identify what our needs are and relate motivation to the fulfilling of these needs. The content theories cannot entirely explain what motivate or demotivate us. Each theoretical explanation can serve as the basis for the development of techniques for motivating.

Sometimes financial rewards motivate people and sometimes it is just an inner drive to make a difference. Thus it seems to me that the issue such as whether process theories are superior to content theories must be reviewed and judged for its validity against these sort of real-world stories on experiences of real-world workforces. Content Theories. A physiological need creates an aroused tension state a drive that motivates an organism to satisfy the need Hull, The neoliberal restructuring process is analyzed taking into account international factors related to the dynamic of the world economy in its transnational stage and national factors.

Whereas the content theories concentrate on the question of 'what' motivates, the process theories address more the issues relating to how the process works and sustains itself over time, such as factors that determine the degree of effort, the continuation of effort, the modification of effort, etc. In this theory employee constantly assesses their level of effort against fellow workers and the reward they receive for their effort. Likewise, the relative reward for effort is also monitored. The message for managers is that employees need to be seen to be rewarded on a fair and equitable basis, and inequities quickly adjusted. Have you seen or experienced situations where one employee does all the work but gets only the same wages as their fellow employees? From a Human Resources Management perspective, formal and informal performance management processes are used to identify and adjust inequities. This has been an important theory in the history of the study of motivation.

What Is the Difference Between the Content and Process Theories of Motivation?

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Content and process theories

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Content Models of Motivation

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    They are the process theories and content theories. Content theories address what factors motivate people whereas the process theories address how the people are motivated.


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