video processing and communications yao wang ppt to pdf

Video processing and communications yao wang ppt to pdf

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Video processing and communications by yao wang free pdf download

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Lecturer: Prof. Topics to be covered include: video formation and representation, Fourier analysis of video signals, properties of the human visual system, video sampling, video sampling rate conversion, video modeling, motion estimation, video segmentation, motion tracking, fundamentals of video compression techniques, stereo and multiview sequence processing, video compression standards, error control in video communications, and streaming video over the Internet and wireless networks. Additional topics may be included. A term-project is also required.

Video processing and communications by yao wang free pdf download

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exercise_6_soln.pdf | Spring 2009

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Motivation: Represent a vector e. The transform should Minimize the correlation among resulting coefficients, so that scalar quantization can be employed without losing too much in coding efficiency compared to vector quantization Compact the energy into as few coefficients as possible. Unitary orthonormal basis: Basis vectors are orthogonal to each other and each has length 1.

By developing hardware architectures for specific signal, image, and video processing operations, it is possible to achieve very high performance while reducing power requirements. There is strong interest in developing efficient architectures for computing fast convolutions and implementing 2D filterbanks for real-time video processing Her research areas include video communications, multimedia signal processing, and medical imaging. She has authored and co-authored over papers in journals and conference proceedings. Written for graduate students and practicing engineers, this book presents both the theoretical concepts and the practical This one-year MSc programme covers all aspects of current and future image and video communications and associated signal processing technologies. It will prepare you for a diverse range of exciting careers - not only in the communications field, but also in areas such as management consultancy, project management, finance and government agencies.

In electronics engineering , video processing is a particular case of signal processing , in particular image processing , which often employs video filters and where the input and output signals are video files or video streams. Video processing techniques are used in television sets , VCRs , DVDs , video codecs , video players , video scalers and other devices. For example—commonly only design and video processing is different in TV sets of different manufactures.

Video Processing Communications Yao Wang Chapter8a

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