qualitative and quantitative research paradigmatic differences pdf

Qualitative and quantitative research paradigmatic differences pdf

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Qualitative versus quantitative paradigms

Quantitative research paradigm

Philosophy and Paradigm of Scientific Research

The term paradigm has been understood differently by various scholars. In addition to rigor, these studies are based on high validity, generalizability, and reliability.

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Qualitative versus quantitative paradigms

Skip to search form Skip to main content You are currently offline. Some features of the site may not work correctly. Antwi and K. Antwi , K. This paper attempts to discuss quantitative and qualitative research methodologies within the broad field of business research. Save to Library.

The design of a research study begins with the selection of a topic and a paradigm. A paradigm is essentially a worldview, a whole framework of beliefs, values and methods within which research takes place. It is this world view within which researchers work. According to Cresswell "A qualitative study is defined as an inquiry process of understanding a social or human problem, based on building a complex, holistic picture, formed with words, reporting detailed views of informants, and conducted in a natural setting. Alternatively a quantitative study, consistent with the quantitative paradigm, is an inquiry into a social or human problem, based on testing a theory composed of variables, measured with numbers, and analyzed with statistical procedures, in order to determine whether the predictive generalizations of the theory hold true. Qualitative research places emphasis on understanding through looking closely at people's words, actions and records. The traditional or quantitative approach to research looks past these words, actions and records to their mathematical significance.

How do we know the world? What is the relationship between the inquirer and the known? Ontology - concerns the philosphy of existence and the assumptions and beliefs that we hold about the nature of being and existence. Methodology - how we gain knowledge about the world or "an articulated, theoretically informed approach to the production of data" Ellen, , p. As Bryman articulates see chapter 1 the tension between interpretivist and positivist approaches in a political debate about the nature, importance and capacity of different research methods. Up until the s, the 'scientific method' was the predominant approach to social inquiry, with little attention given to qualitative approaches such as participant observation. In response to this, a number of scholars across disciplines began to argue against the centrality of the scientific method.

Quantitative research paradigm

Before carrying out the empirical analysis of the role of management culture in corporate social responsibility, identification of the philosophical approach and the paradigm on which the research carried out is based is necessary. Therefore, this chapter deals with the philosophical systems and paradigms of scientific research, the epistemology, evaluating understanding and application of various theories and practices used in the scientific research. The key components of the scientific research paradigm are highlighted. Theories on the basis of which this research was focused on identification of the level of development of the management culture in order to implement corporate social responsibility are identified, and the stages of its implementation are described. Management Culture and Corporate Social Responsibility.

In the light of looking for possible similarities and differences between the two approaches, the study gives an overview of the historical.

Philosophy and Paradigm of Scientific Research

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This paper attempts to discuss quantitative and qualitative research methodologies within the broad field of business research. The main intention of this paper is not to extend the current and long-lasting debate regarding qualitative versus quantitative research, rather to describe and reflect on the philosophical stance guiding the two research methodologies from ontological, epistemological and methodological perspectives. The essence of this study is to enable professionals with little or no previous experience of the various research methodologies and falling in to the trap that one research is better than the other, gain a basic understanding of qualitative and quantitative research. The study concludes that, in addition to quantitative and qualitative research, mixed research also offers an exciting mode of conducting business research. Home Journals Conferences Books About us.

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research paradigm pdf

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