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Eigrp questions and answers pdf

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Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol (EIGRP) Related Tutorials

CCNP Interview Questions and Answers


Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol (EIGRP) Interview Questions & Answers

Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol (EIGRP) Related Tutorials

Solved examples with detailed answer description, explanation are given and it would be easy to understand. Multiple choice and true or false type questions are also provided. Which of the following describe the process identifier that is used to run OSPF on a router? It is locally significant. It is globally significant. It is needed to identify a unique instance of an OSPF database. It is an optional parameter required only if multiple OSPF processes are running on the router.

By Priya Pedamkar. EIGRP is the latest distance-vector routing protocol that is applied to computer networks for automation to make decisions on routing and configuration. This protocol is developed by cisco systems as a registered algorithm, available only for cisco routers. It is also called a diffused update algorithm to define the shortest path. It is also measured as a hybrid routing protocol since it has the attributes of link-state routing protocols and distant vector. The neighbor table is filled with a neighbor relationship that is tracked in a table based on EIGRP routing and activity of convergence. The interface and address of the neighbor are introduced and recorded as a fresh entry of the neighbor table, whenever a new neighbor is introduced.

CCNP Interview Questions and Answers

You may like this! An engineer plans to configure summary routes with the ip summary-address eigrp asn prefix mask command. Which of the following, when added to such a command, would create a summary that includes all four of the following subnets: Answer : [B] Explanation : Finally,

Are you a person with commendable knowledge in computer networking? Are you interested in the field of Internet surfing? Enhanced interior gateway routing protocol EIGRP is an advanced distant —vector routing protocol that is used on a computer network for automating routing decision and configuration. It supports existing commands like delay, default metric, and redistribute metric, set metric, metric weights, summary metric. These commands are used to control the vector metrics for external route sources injecting routes into EIGRP. It supports the ability to match the metric of incoming and outgoing routes learned via the offset list and match metric route map commands. It is able to detect when all routes on a link are using the new packet formats and will send only one version in homogeneous LAN segments.

/24 is not correct because router R1 can't find a path. Page 4. Cisco Networking Engineers – Maher Abdelshkour. Page 4 to that network. Answers B and C are.


The following fields in a hello packet must match for routers to become neighbors:- 1. Autonomous System number. The primary address should be used. If static neighborship then should be defined on both sides.

It is usually 0. Each update message is given a sequence number, and the received ACK should have the same sequence number. In this question we have to check the RTO and Q cnt fields.

Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol (EIGRP) Interview Questions & Answers

Let's solve your all query with best online networks solution. What is eigrp? Enhanced interior gateway routing protocol eigrp is an advanced distance-vector routing protocol that is used on a computer network for automating routing decisions and configuration. The protocol was designed by cisco systems as a proprietary protocol, available only on cisco routers. What are the different tables in eigrp?

Because of copyrighted issues, we had to remove all questions and answers out of 9tut. Premium Member: You can practice with these questions first via this link. Drag drop the descriptions from the left on to the correct configuration-management technologies on the right. The focus of Ansible is to be streamlined and fast, and to require no node agent installation.

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EIGRP Interview Questions and Answers

Introduction to EIGRP Interview Questions

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