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July , Volume :9 Number 4 , page - [Buy]. Join NursingCenter to get uninterrupted access to this Article. When you buy this you'll get access to the ePub version, a downloadable PDF, and the ability to print the full article. Although the role for epidemiology is widely accepted in public health programs in general, its role in chronic disease programs is not as widely recognized.

Epidemiology Books

This section aims to publish studies on the epidemiology of chronic diseases and the use of public health interventions for their control. Low-density lipoprotein cholesterol LDL-C is one of the most important types of cholesterol and has an impact on health. Certain lifestyle and dietary habits in different populations may leads to increased l Content type: Research article. Published on: 12 March Early detection of prehypertension is important to prevent hypertension-related complications, such as cardiovascular disease, cerebrovascular disease and all-cause mortality.

Data regarding the prevalence of The proportion of elderly individuals is increasing globally. They should be well cared for to enable them to enjoy their full lifespans. Published on: 6 March Obesity is well known as a risk factor for cardiovascular disease.

We aimed to determine the performance of and the optimal cutoff values for obesity indices to discriminate the presence of metabolic abnormali Tobacco use is one of the world-leading preventable killers. There was a varied prevalence of tobacco use and cigarette smoking across different areas. The aim of the study was to assess the prevalence and fac Published on: 4 March Recent improvements in patient survival in major lymphoma Content type: Study protocol. Published on: 2 March The prevalence of hypertension is high and rising in China, but most people with hypertension do not have their blood pressure under control.

This study investigated hypertension awareness, treatment, and cont Published on: 1 March Although epilepsy is one of the most prevalent neurological problems, it is highly surrounded by stigma and prejudice, which results in negative attitude towards the illness. Due to numerous misconceptions and Published on: 27 February Although sex differences in cardiovascular diseases are recognised, including differences in incidence, clinical presentation, response to treatments, and outcomes, most of the practice guidelines are not sex Accurately defining obesity using anthropometric measures that best capture obesity-related risk is important for identifying high risk groups for intervention.

The purpose of this study is to compare the asso Maharaj, Cruz M. Published on: 25 February Type 2 diabetes T2D is becoming an epidemic with significant disability and premature death in Sub-Saharan Africa, including Benin. However, little is known about the level of knowledge, attitude, and practi Published on: 12 February We aim to describe the prevalence and trends of hypertension among 9—17 school-aged students from to in Yunnan, China.

Fasting plasma glucose FPG variability is a significant predictor of mortality, especially in patients with poor glycemic control. This study aimed to explore the temporal age- and sex-specific profiles of t Published on: 9 February Improvements of population health in China have been unevenly distributed among different sexes and regions.

Mortality Registration System provides an opportunity for timely assessments of mortality trend and Published on: 5 February Diabetes mellitus is a chronic non-infectious medical condition which is evident by raised levels of glucose in the blood, because the body cannot produce any or enough of the hormone insulin or use insulin ef Published on: 4 February National-level prevalence of tobacco use and betel quid chewing, and associated socio-demographic factors were estimated using first-ever, Myanmar Demographic Health Survey, — Authors: Chandrashekhar T.

Published on: 3 February People with type 2 diabetes mellitus T2DM are best managed by a chronic care model that is associated with enhanced quality of care and improved patient outcome. Published on: 2 February Hypertension is a common chronic condition affecting nearly a quarter of Canadians.

Routinely-captured data Current conceptual models of health literacy HL illustrate the link between HL and health outcomes.

However, these models fail to recognize and integrate certain elements of disease management, health system Mark FitzGerald. Published on: 30 January The hearing function at a given age seems to have improved in more recent born cohorts in industrialized countries. But the reasons for the improvement have not yet been explained. Published on: 28 January To date, limited data are available on metabolic syndrome prevalence among breast cancer survivors in Malaysia.

Therefore, this study was conducted to determine the prevalence of metabolic syndrome and abnorma The objective of this study was to examine the association of MS and its components with CVD, to further prevent and control Published on: 26 January There is considerable evidence that repetitive negative thoughts are often associated with adverse health outcomes.

The study aims are i to identify the frequency and valence of thoughts about health in peop Authors: Sandra O. Ethiopia is a developing sub-Saharan African country with increasing prevalence of non-communicable diseases NCDs , including oral conditions. Oral health and dental care have been given little consideration, Prince and Jennifer E.

Published on: 21 January As a complex phenomenon, sleep quality is difficult to objectively define and measure, and multiple factors related to sleep quality, such as age, lifestyle, physical activity, and physical fitness, feature pr Published on: 19 January Evidence for correlation between the cigarette use and blood pressure change remains ambiguous.

This study modelled relationship between the duration of smoking and systolic blood pressure in a large national Published on: 14 January In view of the upcoming demographic transition, there is still no clear evidence on how increasing life expectancy will affect future disease burden, especially regarding specific diseases.

In our study, we pr Published on: 11 January The long term impact of early life famine exposure Published on: 7 January The objective of this work was to analyse the prevalence trends of multimorbidity among European community-dwelling adults. Authors: Dyego L. The study aimed to estimate the incidence of and period of progression to stage 2 hypertension from normal blood pressure. Published on: 6 January However, a systematic understanding of the increasing age-adjusted mortality rate of chronic re Current evidence supports the adoption of healthy diet and physical activity PA behaviors in patients with polycystic ovary syndrome PCOS , given the positive effects of those behaviors on physical well-bei Authors: Annie W.

Lewis, Erica T. Wang, Sharon S. Cassano and Marla E. This study aims to estimate the losses of quality-adjusted life expectancy QALE due to the joint effects of cognitive impairment and multimorbidity, and to further confirm additional losses attributable to t Published on: 5 January We examined colorectal, breast, and prostate cancer screening utilization in eligible populations within three data cross-sections, and identified factors potentially modifying cancer screening utilization in Asthma control and monitoring still represents a challenge worldwide.

Although the international guidelines suggest the interplay between secondary and primary care services as an effective strategy to control Authors: M. Caminati, L. Cegolon, M. Bacchini, N. Segala, A. Dama, C. Bovo, B.

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Skip to search form Skip to main content You are currently offline. Some features of the site may not work correctly. The third edition of Chronic Disease Epidemiology and Control presents an updated compendium of contributions from a diverse group of public health professionals with expertise in chronic disease causation, prevention, and intervention. The book targets varied readers, from those in academia to those in public health practice. It provides a well-organized overview of the life course of major chronic diseases.

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Prev Chronic Dis ; Heart disease, diabetes, cancer, arthritis, and other chronic diseases are the leading causes of death and disability and the leading drivers of health care costs in the United States 1. Health disparities and inequalities exist across chronic diseases, behavioral risk factors, environmental exposures, social determinants, and health care access by sex, race and ethnicity, income, education, disability status, and other social characteristics 2. Collecting, analyzing, interpreting, and disseminating data on chronic diseases and related risk factors is vital to understanding and raising awareness about morbidity, mortality, associated costs, and disparities. These data are also vital inputs throughout the process of implementing evidence-based public health approaches to reduce the burden of chronic diseases in the United States.

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Patrick L. Remington, Ross C. Brownson, Mark V.


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