design of socket and spigot cotter joint pdf worked

Design of socket and spigot cotter joint pdf worked

File Name: design of socket and spigot cotter joint
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Published: 16.04.2021

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For design of a basic cotter joints in practical view , a classic design procedure made to follow in the practical approach. So, a design procedure was made on the basis of certain experiments. The design procedure given below :. Calculate the diameter d 2 of the spigot on the basis of tensile stress. Above expression becomes a quadratic expression. Calculate the outside diameter d 1 of the socket on the basis of tensile stress in the socket from the equation :.

Application instructions note that before mixing the resin and hardener that the resin. The two documents are bound together solely for the users convenience. Cotter joint a cotter joint is used to connect rigidly two coaxial rods or bars which are subjected to axial tensile or compressive forces. Spigot is formed on one of the rods and socket is formed on the other. Muttagi, slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Nonseparated occupancys most restrictive discussion in commercial building codes started by pilgrim, aug 18,

Design and analysis of knuckle joint stress mechanics. Design a knuckle joint for a tie rod of a circular section to sustain a maximum pull of 70 kn. Dec 18, 20 for the knuckle joint described in prob. Design of cotter joint animation cotter joint assembly drawing. Mar 27, cotter and knuckle joints hareesha n g dept.

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Lets see the drawing of Knuckle joint in Orthographic Representation. The Advantages of Cotter Joint are as follows. The socket and the spigot are provided with a narrow rectangular slot. But do you know about the Animation softwares in Engineering? The piston rod and the crosshead in a steam engine are usually connected by means of a Cotter joint b Knuckle joint c Ball joint d Universal joint [IES] 9. Sleeve and cotter joint. A typical cotter joint is as shown in figure

A typical cotter joint, its components and working principle. • Detailed design Detailed design procedure of a knuckle joint. Cotter joint of a cotter joint. If the allowable stresses in tension, compression and shear for the socket, rod.


A mechanical joint is a section of a machine which is used to connect one or more mechanical part to another. Mechanical joints may be temporary or permanent, most types are designed to be disassembled. Most mechanical joints are designed to allow relative movement of these mechanical parts of the machine in one degree of freedom , and restrict movement in one or more others. A pin joint, also called a revolute joint, is a one- degree-of-freedom kinematic pair.

A Knuckle Joint is used for the application of the Tie rod joint of jib crane or Tension link in the structure of the bridge. In this article, I am going to present a detailed explanation of the design procedure for Knuckle Joint and Cotter Joint. When there is a requirement of an angular moment or a small amount of flexibility, the Knuckle joint is used.

Cotter joint is used to connect two rods subjected to axial tensile or compressive loads. It is not suitable to connect rotating shafts which transmit torque. Axes of the rods to be joined should be collinear.

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    Socket and spigot cotter joint, 2. Sleeve and cotter joint, and 3. Gib and cotter joint. The design of these types of joints are discussed, in detail.


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