city branding theory and cases by keith dinnie pdf writer

City branding theory and cases by keith dinnie pdf writer

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Buku keith dinnie city branding theory and cases palgrave macmillan

It seems that you're in Germany. We have a dedicated site for Germany. The practice of city branding is being adopted by increasing numbers of city authorities around the world and it is having a direct impact on public and private sector practice. The author captures this emerging phenomenon in a way that blends a solid theoretical and conceptual underpinning together with relevant real life cases.

Download City Branding: Theory and Cases Ebook PDF

Department of Sociology, State University of Jakarta. Abstract The Old City which is called Kota Tua is a historical tourism place in Jakarta which was built by Dutch colonialism in the 17 th century. At that time, this location was the center of a Dutch company for spice trade also provided the original town hall as a public sphere for the colonialist. After the independence era, the most famous buildings in this area were Jakarta History Museum and a town hall which is considered a landmark and an icon for this location.

The purpose of this paper is to explain the construction of the city branding in the urban landscapes. At this point, this paper draws the attention to the connection of both the identity and the image of the city beyond city branding.

On the other side, this paper also focuses on the impact of city branding on the tourism aspect in Jakarta. This study used a qualitative method with a case study research design conducted in Kota Tua. Kota Tua is one of the tourism objects that is still maintaining the historical-cultural-social identity of Jakarta.

Kota Tua is one of the icons of the city of Jakarta. As the icon, Kota Tu a becomes the model of the city branding project. The subjects in this study were the parties involved in branding Kota Tua Jakarta. The subjects were purposively selected and divided into three categories as follows: key informants, additional informants and triangulation informants.

In addition, it was potentially strategic for imagining the urban landscapes. In this case, city branding can be a strategy to connect the historical and cultural heritages with tourism attraction in an advance urban changing.

Moreover, this paper covers how city branding contributes to urban landscape which is an urban project for the alternative development in the city. As a product of globalization, cities in the world are currently competing globally to attract capital, manufacturing, talent, technology, tourists, events and wealthy citizens by applying city branding practices.

Moreover, this practice is also used to empower the urban development, regeneration and quality of life and is utilized as an attraction in city competition at the global level.

Therefore, the city needs brand image as a supporter of competitive and sustainable city developments to compete with other cities Yananda et al. This practice is the most holistic approach to achieve competitiveness. If it is implemented effectively, it can lead to increase the number of customers and investment in the city.

Kota Tua Jakarta is one of the cities which is carrying out branding practices by integrating the historical context of the city as an effort to form a positive image for the city. Definitely, it is not an easy matter as the development era has slowly uprooted the roots of Kota Tua from its original roots. Nevertheless, Kota Tua Jakarta continues to strive to improve conditions and create a positive brand for the desired achievements.

The purpose of branding itself is not merely to create something new but also to find what is existing to achieve a goal. A place is distinctive and different from other places. The purpose of a brand is to be an attribute distinguishing one place from another, to place a unique value and convert a place to its destination.

The purpose of this study is to describe the application of city branding as a tool to create the desired identity and image for the city, especially Kota Tua Jakarta. The topic of city branding was analysed with many various perspectives.

It was built to develop this field of research from many scholars. However, the terms identity and city image of city branding are still not deeply explored yet. Furthermore, this paper will concern to identity as well as city image in the city branding. It expresses itself through different phenomena, such as the layout of a city, architecture, statues, street and place names, poems, as well as rituals, festivals and processions.

On the other side, this paper is similar to the discourse image and symbolic representation of the city Borer, In addition, this study was also intended to analyze the city branding of Kota Tua Jakarta in a sociological perspective. Research Methodology. This study explores the concept of urban branding from a theoretical, analytical, and practical perspective. The researcher used a qualitative approach by employing a case study research design.

This type of research is considered to be relevant to use because it describes the state of the object that qualitatively exists in the present based on the data obtained.

Qualitative research with a case study is intended to get a clear and a factual description and explanation of the City Branding of Kota Tua Jakarta. The subjects were purposively selected and divided into three categories, namely; key informants, additional informants and triangulation informants. The subjects were selected to dig information regarding the application and impacts of branding in Kota Tua Jakarta. Theoretical Framework. Definition of City Branding. City Branding comes from urban marketing studies adopted by the commercial world to achieve its goals.

City branding deals with building a collective imagination of a city. As a consequence, massive effort is needed and should be consistent with measurable and clear planning for the parameters specified. In implementing city branding, there must be a serious support from the government to get the goals and achievements of a brand that has been built.

In developing the brand of city, government, stakeholders, and the community must work together to conduct branding activities so that the image building is not only in the physical aspect but also in the character and other more important potentials possessed by the city itself Makassar City Government, Vier Antares Institute, 7.

At the theoretical level, the concept of branding is usually developed in response to changes in the status and role of tourism in the global environment. At present, this concept is the subject of much research and analysis from academics and policy makers. City branding itself is an important contemporary problem and continues to be a competition for developing cities.

Concept of Identity and Image Building of the City. According to Kyung and Kim , identity is a construction, a consequence of a process of interaction between humans, institutions and practices in social life. In applying city branding, a city tries to build its identity. This city branding activity requires every city to compete in creating a certain image in the minds of the wider community in representing the character of the city.

The image of the city has the power to shape the brand of a city. Morover, it might affect the city itself. The brand attached to the city depends on the identity of the city. Meanwhile, brand image is a term that is often blended with brand identity. However, there are differences between the two. Brand identity is the identity of the city and it comes from various city sources; while, the brand image is the image perceived by the recipient or consumer and it comes from consumers.

Brand image is a range of multifunctional and intangible features that enable consumers to identify products and services. Brand image can be defined as how the consumers identify products or as a number of their understanding of the product. Brand image is the result of consumer representation obtained from various sources about the brand.

The Concept of City Branding Strategy. Strategy is defined as knowing what and where a place is in the perceptions of internal and external stakeholders. Strategy also means knowing where the place will be taken and how to achieve that goal. Substance is the execution of the chosen strategy in the form of new activities in the economic, legal, political, social and cultural fields.

Innovation, structure, legislation, reform, investment, institutions, and policies that are truly carried out will bring the place closer to the desired goal Yananda et al. Promotion of city identity is considered as a core strategy.

This strategy emphasizes the uniqueness of the city by communicating the image of a city that is different from the others to create a place with the desired image. Cities throughout the world are eager to create new identities in order to compete in the increasing global markets. City marketing is a practice that is deliberately created to attract visitors. However, unfortunately, in the practice of city marketing, the original identity of the city is often ignored, rejected, or marginalized.

In fact, there are still many ways to achieve the marketing potential that is more integrated and holistic. In this case, city branding has been proposed as a complementary tool and can overcome the shortcomings associated with the traditional city marketing Lee, Branding for a city is extremely important because if it hits or is synonymous with the spirit of the city community, it will certainly provide positive vibes for the community.

Branding usually becomes a reference for the spirit to form a better community life. However, the branding that smells of Tempoe Doeloe old romance becomes bland when various cases emerge with the branding of a city. The polemic about the destruction of various heritage cities, as well as other problems, is finally awakened to how a pile of branding a city is merely a slogan. It seems that the substance of the city has undergone a change in value that drives the pattern of change in identity of its citizens Lee, Findings and Discussion.

City Branding in Urban Landscape. The practice of city branding is understood as a good means to achieve competitive advantage of the city. It is done to increase investment in the community, achieve community development, and strengthen local identity and identify residents with surrounding cities.

It means that this project must involve citizens from any group because at the same time, city branding constructed a meaningful urban life at the city based on historical-cultural and social contexts of the city.

In the process, city branding requires the active role of the city government, stakeholders and local communities as bearers of entities from the city. In addition, the city must also be able to build a local community within it such as how to change the paradigm of awareness of local people as city dwellers and how to make the community play an active role in the construction of the city.

It is important because a city needs to package the area approproately so that it can attract more attention. The current trend is that every region and city compete each other to highlight their identity and package their potential in such a way so that the city can be different from competitors. This is also in line with the goals of branding applied by cities in the world, including in Kota Tua Jakarta. Therefore, the parties involved must be able to go hand in hand to achieve the goals.

Moreover, the city must also be able to build its local community so that the city can truly achieve the positive impact of the development. For a moment, we also have to feel the sociological imagination in a city where we have to reread the needs of the community, face, and body of the city as a home that they inhabit to live, work and actualize their work,so that we can find out what aspects the city needs in its development process.

Promote Tourism. The most important thing in city branding is how it contributes to tourism aspect as well as city development. We must see how the city was built and for the benefit of who the city was built.

The cultural aspects are intentionally used to design Kota Tua Jakarta as attractive as possible to attract visitors or the wider community to come.

‪Robert Govers‬ - ‪Google Scholar‬

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Buku keith dinnie city branding theory and cases palgrave macmillan

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